Adrien VIN

Electronic Instrumentation Specialist @ Oneka Technologies


Adrien VIN

Name: Adrien VIN

Date of birth: Feb-1995

Location: Sherbrooke, Québec

About Me

I completed my engineering master's degre at École Centrale de Nantes. I am passionate about embedded systems and renewable energies. I am currently working at Oneka Technologies as an Electronic Instrumentation Specialist.


photography (gallery) | moutain biking | 3D printing

Lets talk

(I genuinely enjoy my current job, so if you contact me for an open position in your company, there is a very small chance that it will be a success...)


LinkedIn: /in/adrien-vin/




first language
fluent (TOEIC 930)

OS & Software

MS Windows & Office
11+ years of use
used for student problems
Linux (Ubuntu)
4 years of personal use
Fusion 360
2 year of personal use

Computer languages

4 years of professional use
5 years of personal use
2 years of professional use

Computer languages

2 years of personal use
used for small engineer projects
2 years of personal use

ADAS Software & Hardware

Control Desk (dSpace)

2 years of professional use
Canape (Vector)

2 years of professional use
RT & RT Range (OXTS)

2 years of professional use
MicroAutoBox (dSpace)

2 years of professional use


Driving license
cars and scooters
french equivalent of
First Aid and CPR Certification



École Centrale de Nantes - Nantes, France

a highly selective French School of Engineering conferring a diplomat equivalent to a master's degree

- Followed product engineering and corporate finance options.


Classe préparatoire aux grandes écoles - Paris, France

a 2-year degree course in mathematics, physics and chemistry, preparing for the national competitive entry examinations for French School of Engineering

- Finished 38th out of 1073 national candidates (top 3.5%)


Baccalauréat STI2D

French equivalent of High School Diploma (Science and Industrial Technology of Sustainable Development)

- Energy and environment option, obtained with distinction


Work Experience

2021 - Present

Oneka Technologies - Design office, Sherbrooke, Canada

Electronic Instrumentation Specialist: everything related to the data acquisition of the buoy onboard systems

- choice of sensors for the Oneka buoys
- preparation of sensors for intensive use in a marine environment
- coordination for custom PCB design
- basic IT maintenance (internal website, computer encryption, etc)

2019 - 2021

UTAC CERAM - Renault Aubevoye proving ground, France

I worked as an embedded system engineer, especially on the hardware and software side of autonomous driving applications

- development and running of vehicle test campaigns
- creation of tools with high added value :
- wireless CAN bus system
- device to detect the presence of the driver's hands on the steering wheel (ground truth)

Summer 2019

Oneka Technologies - Design office, Sherbrooke, Canada

as a mechanical design intern I helped in the development, construction and testing of a waves powered desalination buoy

- Design and manufacturing choice of mechanical parts
- Implementation of subsystem testing such as a cycling test of a high pressure valve and its manifold
- Assisted in the assembly of the buoy at the test site in Florida (mechanical assembly as well as technical sea operations)
- Oneka Technologies Website

2016 - 2019

Renault - Aubevoye proving ground, France

apprentice engineer, suspensions and brakes systems departement

- Developed processing script for treating data from on track test driving (Using Matlab) : it makes it possible to process and classify test data in a standard Renault format in order to best prepare new projects and to be able to carry out test plans in an easy way.
- Wrote several detailed track test procedures : this is in line with the evolution of Renault tools and the convergence of procedures with the Nissan alliance. I had to write reference documents that allow the development and validation tests of a car's braking systems to be carried out.

Apr. 2011

Météo France, Paris, France

IT support internship : introduction to an IT department

- Programming under different "languages" (vba, html, css)
- Provided IT support to the staff accompanied by a computer engineer


Personal and Associative Projects

Dec. 2019 - June 2021

Development of an anti-locking system for the rear wheel of a road bicycle

When I was a student, I had a bicycle accident on the way to school (nothing serious). At the time I had to brake very hard because a scooter didn't see me. My rear wheel got stuck and I lost control of my bike... So I developed two extremely robust speed sensors and a lock wheel detector to activate an anti blocking system. Stay tuned for more updates on this little personal project. Here is a first demo of the system. Due to lack of time I stopped working on this project :(

Oct. 2018 - Apr. 2019

Development of a hydraulic crimping tool

As part of the product engineering option, we had to respond to the problem of a hydraulic actuator supplier by offering a solution for crimping chain links. We were a group of 6 students and the project represented about 256 hours of hard work.

Dec. 2018

Python script

Developement of a python script and a workshop procedure that helps to unveil and correct bicycle wheels.

Nov. 2018 - Apr. 2019

Bicycle shop

Creating a bike shop with my roommate by buying used bikes and rebuilding them to sell them with added value. Target gross margin: +37%.

Sep. 2018

Re-equipping a bicycle #2

As the bike #1 was stolen I did the same experience again with a new used bike in enhancing the choice of parts. A photo gallery of the bike is available here.

Mar. 2018

Re-equipping a bicycle #1

Bought a cheap bike for my personal use and then painted it and made a significant part replacement.

Sep. 2016 - Apr. 2017

Student Office at École Centrale de Nantes

Participated in the organization of events, fundraising and the search for partnerships for a promotion of more than 350 students.

Sep. 2016

Finnance tracking

Creation of an Excel sheet with multiple complex macros to facilitate the tracking of banking assets and future decision-making.

2014 - 2016

3D aircrafts concept

Creation and 3D modeling of various aircraft concepts. The results are available on the gallery page.